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Liaoning Dongsheng ecoptical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Haicheng Dongsheng Machinery Factory) was established in 1995, and has been committed to research and development of new technology and new equipment of mechanical grinding system for decades. The company has accumulated rich practical experience and absorbed a number of advanced foreign vertical mill technologies. In order to meet the process requirements of customers, the company has developed new equipment suitable for grinding system of various industries with high-tech content. It has helped the enterprise customers in the relevant powder industry to overcome many technical difficulties and played a guiding role in the ultrafine grinding industry. In the grinding industry, the company continues to explore and repeatedly study foreign new technology, development and innovation, forming a set of mature, stable and high-yield production equipment. It is widely used in superfine grinding of calcium carbonate, talc, carbon black, bentonite, limestone, wollastonite and other minerals. The company focuses on a complete set of powder processing solutions, from crushing, conveying, superfine grinding, grading, etc., the company provides customers with a complete set of technology of design, layout, manufacturing, installation, debugging and training. For the enterprise to achieve the ideal process equipment, has been the industry experts and users of praise.

Liaoning Dongsheng ecoptical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.