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Bucket elevator

2020-10-20 18:02:26
Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator

1、 Product introduction

NE plate chain hoist is an advanced vertical lifting equipment in China, which can be widely used to lift various bulk materials. Such as: ore, coal, cement. Cement clinker, grain, fertilizer and so on, in various industrial countries, this kind of elevator is widely used. Because of its high efficiency and energy saving, it has become the best choice to replace HL and th chain elevator. Specifications are ne15, ne30, ne50, NE100, ne150, ne200, ne300, NE400, ne500, ne600, ne800. The conveying chain is sleeve roller chain, which is used for vertical lifting of various powder and block materials. You can choose the right model according to your output.

2、 Product features

1. The promotion range is wide. This kind of hoist has less requirements on the type, characteristics and block size of materials. It can not only improve the general powder, granular and block materials, but also the materials with high grinding performance. Material temperature ≤ 250 ℃.

2. Large conveying capacity. This series of hoist has ne15 ~ ne800 specifications. The lifting capacity ranges from 15 to 800 m 3 / h.

3. The driving power is small. This kind of elevator adopts inflow feeding and gravity induced unloading, and adopts dense layout of large capacity hopper for conveying, with low chain speed and large lifting capacity. When the material is lifted, there is almost no material return and digging phenomenon, so the invalid power is less, and the power consumed is 70% of the ring chain elevator.

4. Long service life. The feeder of the hoist adopts the inflow type, and there is no need to dig the material with a bucket, so there is little extrusion and collision between the materials. The designed materials of the machine will not scatter during feeding, lifting and discharging, thus reducing the mechanical wear. The conveyor chain adopts the plate chain type high-strength wear-resistant chain, which greatly extends the service life. Under normal use, the service life of conveyor chain is more than 5 years.

5. The lifting height is high. This series of hoists have low chain speed, stable operation, and use plate chain type high strength wear-resistant alloy steel chain, so it can reach a higher lifting height (40m).

6. Good sealing. The pollution of gold ring is less.

7. The operation reliability is good. Advanced design principle, reliable operation of the whole machine, no fault time more than 30000 hours.

8. It is easy to operate and maintain, with less wearing parts.

9. The mechanical size is small. Compared with other hoists with the same lifting capacity, this kind of hoist has smaller mechanical size.

10. Structural port model, high precision. The shell is folded and stiffened in the middle, and then welded. It has good rigidity and beautiful appearance.

11. Low cost of use. Due to less energy saving and maintenance, the use cost is extremely low.