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Screw conveyor

2020-10-20 18:00:35
Screw conveyor


Ls type screw conveyor is an international standard product. Iso1050-75 standard is adopted equivalently, and the design and manufacture conform to zbj1005.1-2-88 professional standard. Its technical index is advanced and its structure is novel. It is the replacement product of GX type screw conveyor in China in 1990s. Its head and tail bearings are moved to the outside of the shell. The suspension bearing adopts rolling and pulley bearing interchangeability structure, and is equipped with dust-proof sealing device. The sealing element is made of nylon plastic. Therefore, it has good sealing performance, strong wear resistance, small resistance, long service life, low noise, strong adaptability, convenient operation and maintenance, and flexible layout of inlet and outlet. The structure has good sealing performance, can discharge and multi-point feeding in several positions, and the operation is safe, convenient and reliable. The head bearing and tail bearing of the screw machine are placed outside the shell, which reduces the invasion of dust into the bearing chamber and improves the service life of the key parts of the screw mechanism. The suspension bearing adopts sliding bearing with dust-proof sealing device. The hanging shaft and spiral shaft are connected by sliding block. When the screw is disassembled, the U-shaped winch does not need to move the driving device. When the hanging bearing is disassembled, the screw does not need to be moved. The bearing can be lubricated without removing the cover plate. The whole machine has high reliability, long service life and strong adaptability.

Ls type screw conveyor, screw feeder and auger conveyor are composed of cover plate, U-shaped shell, screw, material inlet and outlet, suspension bearing, electric device, etc. the screw impeller rotated by the screw feeder is used to push powder and small granular materials along the shell to achieve the conveying effect, which is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, coal mine carbon, grain and other industries The rotary feeder is suitable for conveying horizontal or small angle inclined materials. It can be used in the working environment from - 20 ℃ to 50 ℃. The temperature of conveying materials should be less than 200 ℃. The conveying effect of screw feeder for viscous, caking, large particles and fragile materials is poor.

Ls type screw conveyor is a new generation of screw conveyor based on GX screw conveyor, which increases the material passing area, makes the material pass more smoothly and improves the conveying capacity. The screw shaft and hanging bearing of the screw feeder are connected with the head and tail shaft with the embedded tongue type, which is easy to install and disassemble, does not need axial movement, and is easy to maintain It is characterized by simple maintenance, novel structure, stable transmission, wide range of use, no blocking, low noise and long service life. Screw feeder has a good advantage in conveying dry cement, ore, coal, chemical fertilizer and other powdery materials which are easy to fly and seriously affect the surrounding environment. At the same time, the screw feeder can also complete mixing, mixing and cooling when conveying materials, which can be applied to unloading or loading of various materials and conveying of bulk particles in the warehouse.

The selection of LS type screw conveyor can determine the size, screw speed and power of screw conveyor according to the nature of the material, conveying capacity, conveying distance, inclination angle and installation environment. There are two kinds of screw blades on the screw conveyor: right-hand and left-hand. At present, the right-hand screw is preferred for conveying materials in the horizontal screw feeder, and the variable pitch technology can also be used to improve the screw For the conveying capacity and application effect of the conveyor, the material inlet and outlet of the screw conveyor can be selected as square or circular, or customized according to the site requirements.


(1) The structure is simple;

(2) Low cost;

(3) Reduce environmental pollution;

(4) It can be loaded at any point or unloaded at many points;

(5) It can be transported to or away from the center;

(6) Mixing, mixing or cooling operation can be carried out in the conveying process;

(7) The rigidity of the trough is large and can bear certain bending moment.