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Do you know how to deal with too much dust in the feed inlet of vertical mill?

2020-08-18 11:48:13

In recent years, our country's pulverized coal industry development is very rapid, vertical mill development is also very considerable. And the industry is also relatively perfect, our country is making more and more sophisticated grinding equipment, and towards the direction of environmental protection and low consumption in the continuous development.

But a lot of equipment in use will appear some faults or small, of course, the vertical mill is no exception, but today we are not talking about its small faults or small faults, but the inlet too much dust how to deal with. Let's talk about the causes and solutions.

One, the reason: if the vertical mill processing material humidity is too much, when the powder dry material mixed together, it is easy to appear paste bag situation, and then the feeder is easy to plug, resulting in increased ventilation resistance resulting in dust. Solution: Use a good dust remover and keep it breathable. Slap it once a day.

Two, some operators in order to reduce equipment air leakage caused by dust, opportunistic, in the entrance water, the result is to increase ventilation resistance, causing serious dust. Solution: Check the pipe connection of the grinding equipment to see if there is any air leakage.

Three, the vertical grinding machine used by the dust collector filter area is relatively small, the amount of air extraction is generally insufficient, this phenomenon will make the blanking mouth dust cover and grinding chamber is difficult to form a certain micro negative pressure, easy to lead to larger dust. Solution: Check whether the damper is closed or not. If the damper is closed, it will cause air volume circulation not to rise, which will cause the inlet to spray powder outward and form dust accumulation of the inlet.

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