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Vertical grinding machine in the coal industry and other industrial production advantages

2020-08-18 13:16:29

Vertical grinding machine is an important grinding equipment, it can be used in a variety of fields of production, such as coal power plant, cement industry, etc., this paper to briefly introduce the vertical grinding machine in the field of coal industry.

Vertical mill is an important pulverized coal grinding equipment, which can be combined with crusher, bucket elevator, iron remover, belt conveyor, stock bin, enclosed quantitative feeder, vertical mill main machine, hot air furnace, pipeline, cyclone collector, bag filter, motor and silencer to form a complete vertical mill production system.

In the production system, the coal is ground into powder by the vertical pulverizer, and then brought to the powder separator under the action of the hot air blowing into the system. After the powder selection by the separator, the coal is compared to the powder collection device through the pipeline.

Coal is inflammable and explosive material. The reason why it can be ground with vertical pulverizer is mainly because there are two kinds of explosion-proof protection in vertical mill. The second kind is the hot air furnace in the production line system, and the second kind is the design of explosion-proof valve on the upper part of vertical mill.

The function of hot blast furnace has two kinds, one kind is dry material, another kind is explosion-proof. The hot air entering the system from the hot air furnace is formed by combustion, and the oxygen content in the hot air is very small, which cannot reach the oxygen content required by coal combustion, thus playing the role of explosion-proof. In addition, the design of the upper part of the machine explosion-proof valve, so that the pressure in the grinding chamber of the machine will not change very much, when the pressure inside the machine is too large, the explosion-proof valve will break, release the pressure inside the machine, so as to prevent the explosion.

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