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Which is better, the ball mill or the vertical mill?

2020-08-19 09:16:55

The feeding parts of vertical super - fine vertical mill and ball mill are compared. The feeding parts of vertical grinding machine and ball mill adopt trolley type welding chute structure, and are embedded with wear-resisting lining board. Since the feed of the self-grinder does not contain grinding medium, the wear and impact on the equipment body are relatively small, and the feed point of the feed chute of the self-grinder feeding department is far away from the side of the mill barrel. And ball mill into the material contains grinding medium, abrasion and impact of equipment is relatively large, in order to effectively reduce the material impact to feed bushing, the feeding of chute feed point must be close to mill shell side, and as a result of the ball mill into material particle size is larger, the feeding chute must has a larger Angle and height, so that the feeding smoothly.

The grinding medium of vertical mill and ball mill is compared. Vertical grinding machine, as the name suggests, is media-free grinding, do not need steel ball, steel bar, etc., to be broken material itself is the breaking medium. This can effectively reduce the iron pollution of the finished product. In addition, the friction and collision between the material particles can prevent the excessive crushing phenomenon. And ball mill, is to rely on the ball medium to participate in grinding, so the product mud will be more, suitable for the production of powder products.

Vertical mill is a kind of grinding equipment with both crushing and grinding functions. It USES the ground material itself as the medium for operation. The vertical slag mill is similar to the ball mill in name, but the working principle and structure of the vertical mill are different from the ball mill. What are the differences between vertical self - grinding machine and ball mill?

What many people don't know is that cement also plays an important role in aerospace. Remote *, artificial earth satellite and spacecraft in the launch will release a lot of energy in the form of exhaust, this high-temperature high-speed airflow should be timely scientific drainage to ensure the normal work of the rocket engine, which requires high-temperature resistant materials to create a diversion channel. At this point, calcium aluminate cement comes into its own.

Hydroelectric engineering field: low heat, medium heat cement

With the development of Hydropower in China, we have seen a lot of DAMS hundreds of meters high. How can such a huge building ensure no cracking, volume stability and durability? This requires low and medium heat cement.

Then, the difference between vertical mill and ball mill is analyzed from the aspects of structure and installation. HRM vertical grinding structure is simple, using vertical installation, small floor area, simple infrastructure, convenient installation, short time. The ball mill structure is more complex, horizontal installation, installation technology is difficult, high requirements at the base of the ground, long period, large area. Both can be arranged in the open air, but generally speaking, the floor area of the vertical mill is 70% of the ball mill, the building space is 50%-60% of the ball mill, and the investment cost is low.

In addition, the two processes are also different. Vertical mill is integrated with crushing, drying, pulverizing and graded conveying. Compared with ball mill, vertical mill has simple technological process and small capital construction investment, which can save a dryer for the mill system. In addition, vertical mill has a separator, the use of hot flue gas conveying materials, do not need powder separator and elevator, grinding dust containing gas directly into the powder collector collection, so the vertical mill system technology is simple, low failure rate, high operation rate, compact layout. Generally speaking, the same fineness of finished products, using vertical grinding process, through two grinding, product fineness can meet the requirements, the traditional ball mill process needs to go through three grinding.

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