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Analysis of the importance of vertical grinding machine

2020-08-19 10:17:44

Vertical grinding machine, based on large grinding production and precision control and research and development of vertical grinding machine is undoubtedly the current appropriate use of grinding machine, precision grinding particle size, mass production, become a large grinding operation equipment. At present, coal accounts for about 70% of China's primary energy mix, far higher than the proportion of mineral processing equipment accounted for by oil, natural gas and hydropower. Since it was put into the market, the ladle mill has basically replaced all the application fields of the traditional Raymond mill. With large and efficient processing capacity, solid and stable operation efficiency, it has reduced the requirements on materials by a large amount of space, and plays an important role in the grinding and grinding of coal, kaolin, ore and rock and other materials.

The vertical mill itself has strict requirements on materials and operating environment, which is not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. From the grinding form of grinding roller grinding ring to the design of pressurization system, all reflect the higher level of technical concepts. To improve the fuel quality and combustion degree of thermal power plants is not only to improve the economic benefits of thermal power plants, but also to reduce pollutant emissions of thermal power plants and protect the ecological environment. This is mainly determined by China's primary energy structure, rich in coal, short of oil, less gas is China's resource characteristics.

Above is to use common flour mill is introduced, growing tension of fossil fuel and water, air quality, and under the condition of natural water body water quality deteriorated, coal-fired power plants to the use of resources and management, not only the relationship between the economic benefits of fire power plant, also the relationship between the electric power enterprise social benefits and environmental benefits, according to own actual need, choose economy applicable mill equipment, has the significance of more than just profit. The ladder mill has become a popular type of mill.

High pressure roller mill, according to the improvement of the Raymond mill from the substitute high pressure mill products, the increase of high pressure spring under the condition of ensuring the stability of the equipment operation, more improve the grinding fineness, improve the grinding efficiency. The ladder mill is also improved based on the working principle of the ramon mill, but in the process of research and development, the use of more high pressure roller mill performance. Therefore, the use of appropriate pulverizing equipment to combustion coal mine equipment treatment, not only can greatly improve the utilization rate of coal but also in energy conservation, environmental protection, economic benefits and many other aspects have a huge advantage.

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