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What is the possible reason for the abnormal output of vertical milling machine

2020-08-19 10:36:31

Vertical mill powder abnormality, the consequence is very serious, because involves to the benefits and costs of the enterprise, once the fault, the whole production line have to shut down, the loss is immeasurable, so have to use technology to solve the problem in time, so you have to know the specific reason for the abnormal vertical mill of powder what, only know how to solve, is the so-called better who tied the bell on his forehead.

1. Wear parts are badly worn. In the work of vertical grinding machine, the grinding roller ring and scraper are the key parts of material grinding powder, and are also the parts that are easy to be damaged in the grinding operation. If the grinding roller ring scraper and other vulnerable parts wear seriously, it can not play a good role of shoveling and grinding, resulting in the material after grinding finished product granularity is too coarse, resulting in the new grinding machine powder abnormal.

2, the fan air volume is not appropriate. When the vertical mill grinding powder, if the fan volume is too large, it will lead to the grinding fineness of unqualified materials as soon as possible to be blown out, and then form a powder particles too large. And if the fan volume is too small, and will lead to powder is not easy to be blown up, the formation of a powder too fine. Therefore, the reasonable adjustment of the fan's air volume, is to avoid the European version of the mill powder abnormal important steps.

3. Powder lock has poor sealing effect. When we use the vertical grinding machine to grind the material, if the sealing effect of the powder lock is not good, it will form the phenomenon of backsuction powder, thus causing abnormal phenomena such as little or no powder produced by the European version of the mill. Therefore, we must check the sealing of the powder lock before the grinding operation.

4. Blade wear of analysis machine. In the operation of vertical grinding machine, the analysis machine mainly sieves the finished product to determine whether the powder meets the standard. If the grinding process of the powder, the analysis machine wear seriously, can not play a good grading role, so will lead to the abnormal situation of the powder. Once it is found that the wear of the analysis machine blade seriously affects the powder effect, it should be replaced immediately.

Of course, there are many reasons that lead to abnormal powder production in vertical mill, we need to analyze specific problems in the actual production process. If the staff in the milling production of the powder is too little or the powder fineness is not qualified, such as the abnormal situation of the powder, to stop immediately to check, in order to avoid affecting the grinding quality of the vertical mill. Solution is also there are many, only familiar with the machinery itself have a timely and effective to deal with mechanical failure problems, so if there is no good idea to mechanical itself enterprises encounter situation understanding proposal after processing, to cause you loss, no one is perfect, so is a mechanical, but good quality machinery is the premise.

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