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Fault phenomena and causes of vertical pulverizer due to lubrication

2020-08-19 10:43:51

The purpose of lubrication management is to prevent equipment lubrication failure, reduce the loss caused by overheating equipment shutdown, save maintenance costs and reduce the replacement of parts, prolong the service life of equipment, reduce the consumption of lubricants, save the cost of buying lubricating materials. The vertical mill of modern machinery and equipment is developing towards high precision, high efficiency, high speed, heavy load, small size, no maintenance and energy saving, which puts forward higher requirements for the friction parts in the vertical mill.

Faults and causes of vertical grinding machine caused by lubrication:

1. The machine doesn't work well

Vertical grinding machine in operation motion hysteresis, uneven speed, large power consumption, will inevitably produce vibration, noise, and sometimes will make the motor overheat, not up to the design parameters, if the motor power is increased at this time, it will make the machinery excessive heat. Transmission parts, such as bearings, belts, gears, etc., will be seriously damaged.

Main reasons:

(1) the friction parts have improperly installed or design defects, such as the sliding bearing gap is too small, and increase the friction, or conversely, clearance is too large, the impact and lubrication is not good, the friction force increases and the movement is not stable, friction parts of components, gap is too big, too small, or the supply of lubricating oil is insufficient, can make poor lubrication components, worsen running condition, etc. Some of the above conditions are improper design, and some are caused by processing or poor assembly.

(2) when the moving parts of the material or combination is not appropriate, the choice of lubricating oil is not appropriate, will also cause motion instability, and easy to cause adhesion and adhesive damage.

There is foreign body mixed. When abrasive solids such as dust and sand invade, they are easy to be embedded into friction pairs and thus hinder the movement. Dust and sand particles are often more than 0.2 ~ 0.8mm and of high hardness, which not only hinder the operation but also cause significant friction.

(4) its own vertical grinding parts wear, bite stick, spalling and other damage, will make the state of motion deterioration, and lubrication is difficult to play a role.

2. Vibration and noise

Vertical mill in operation, due to a variety of reasons will produce abnormal vibration and noise, so that the mechanical performance is reduced, but also make the environment is not up to the standard, the reason and lubrication has a great relationship.

The temperature is too high

The resistance of the friction pair increases, and the temperature rises rapidly under the influence of no heat source, such as bearing, reducer, etc. When the external temperature exceeds 80℃, high attention should be paid. Their internal temperature is dozens of degrees warmer than the external temperature and even charred.

Main reasons:

(1) friction resistance is too large, forced operation and intense heat, such as pump packing sealing device, pressure is too tight, cause serious resistance and heat.

(2) the lubricating oil viscosity is too large, too much oil, so that in the operation of too intense stirring, so that heat, also because of the lubricating oil viscosity, poor liquidity, heat dissipation is not good.

(3) poor heat dissipation conditions, high ambient temperature, poor ventilation, heat can not be dispersed in a timely manner.

(4) Due to the operation of heating, clearance adjustment is improper, parts deformation, thermal expansion, will also accelerate the heating of parts.

4. The machine doesn't work

The main performance is mechanical abnormal situation, friction pair bite and hug.

The reasons are as follows: the friction part is damaged, and the biting and holding occurs; Serious foreign matter in sand soil, so that the dead; When the temperature is too high, the state of the friction part deteriorates significantly, resulting in bite and adhesion.

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