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Contribution of vertical pulverizer to environmental protection

2020-08-19 10:54:48

The term "ore milling equipment" may have a derogatory meaning, because it is constantly processing our non-renewable resources and, more directly, destroying our living environment. However, from the perspective of human survival and development, some resources are necessary for social development. It is impossible for human beings to stop mining minerals if they want to make progress. Then conversely, ore grinding equipment in the process of processing ore, will also produce some pollution, which puts forward higher requirements for the technical advancement of equipment, today to analyze the contribution of vertical grinding machine to the environmental protection area.

In many development directions, the environmental protection aspect of the mill industry is not only the foundation but also a key step. China has always advocated an environmentally friendly society, and the same is true of industry. For example, a batch of cement industries were banned and merged last year, which greatly reduced China's environmental pollution. As is known to all, mining machinery industry is also a high energy consumption, high pollution industry, and the mill industry to develop well, we must take the road of green environmental protection.

Vertical mill of atmospheric pollution control can also be used for, the coal resources are rich in our country, the northern area required too much energy is given priority to with coal, and coal during combustion with harmful gases, such as sulfur dioxide, and so on, in the coal-fired power plant power generation technology is a don't need to solve the problem, the industrial mill limestone can be ground into a 325 mesh powder, have effect on thermal exhaust gas desulfurization, desulfurization gypsum can be generated in recycling is kill two birds with one stone, lime stone mill powder machine of grinding of calcium oxide and calcium carbonate is better desulfurization effect.

The new vertical milling machine follows closely the development trend of environmental protection in the flour industry at home and abroad. It not only meets the requirements of environmental protection, but also effectively increases the output per unit of single equipment and reduces the energy consumption per unit of output. It is the best choice for large-scale flour milling projects.

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